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About Pugmarks Holidays

Pugmarks is a brand synonymous with the best in adventure, wildlife and leisure camping for children. ‘Fun and Learn’ is the underlying motto of all Pugmarks camps. The camps are so well designed and conducted that nervous first time campers get invariably converted into lifetime camping enthusiasts. Their parents observe the safety precautions taken by us, the care that we take of their children and the professionalism in the overall conduct of the camps, and have no apprehensions about entrusting their children to us year after year.

Camping bestows many benefits to the participants. The campers are physically and mentally active throughout the duration. Socially, they are constantly interacting with the other children they have met for the first time – playing as a team, sharing the lodging facilities, sitting down together for their meals, showing off their varied talents during the campfire. All this leads to a feeling of self-worth, self-confidence and independence that translates into maturity. And all this while they are having a great time – quite different from the type of fun they have at home or at the school.

Pugmarks has a large platter of camps designed for various interests and various age groups:

The youngest age group is the 8 to 10 years range. These camps are called Tree Tops. These are ideal for children to camp near Mumbai and Pune. Most participants at these camps are first-timers. We take great care to assign our most caring volunteers for these camps. The idea of these camps is to get the small children to enjoy the outdoors, to staying away from home for a few days, to be able to look after themselves and to get along with other children of their age. The campers get their first exposure to simple adventure activities and Nature. A lot of time is spent in playing team games, in team activities and in creative work.

The next higher level is the Junior Adventure where the age group is 10 to 14 years. Most of these camps are in Maharashtra though a couple are in the North, in the Himalayan foothills. Here there are many adventure activities to enjoy like kayaking, Commando Obstacle Courses, Rappelling, Zipline, Slacklining, Parasailing, Laddering, Wall Climbing and many more. Other fun activities like Nature Trail, Jungle Cooking, Campfire, Treasure Hunt, Tree Climbing add to the attractions of these camps. Though the camps start from Mumbai or Pune, they are also suitable for children from Aurangabad, Ahmadnagar, Nasik, Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur and other places in Maharashtra.

Senior Adventure camps cater to the 14 years plus age group. These youngsters demand solid, heart-thumping adventure activities – no less. For them we have Rafting on the Ganga at Rishikesh with Bungee Jumping, adventure with social work at Mukteshwar near Nainital, leisure and water based adventure camps at the Andamans and Lakshadweep Islands and in Konkan, and the high-altitude treks from Manali and Dharamshala in the Himalayas.

Our especial strength is our Wildlife camps. We have camps at the major National Parks and Sanctuaries like Kanha, Bandhavgadh, Pench, Tadoba, Ranthambore, etc. Accompanying the campers are our expert volunteers who have tremendously deep knowledge and experience of Nature and wildlife. The safaris are eye-openers for the campers since they are shown a very wide variety of animals, birds, reptiles, insects. They are taught to read the jungle like young detectives, to interpret alarm and other calls, observe pugmarks and scratch marks draw useful conclusions from them, to identify creatures from their calls and many more things. Post-safari discussions and narrating the hair-raising experiences of the volunteers keeps the campers agog throughout. A few campers invariably decide to make Nature and Environment their life’s calling.

Apart from the above-mentioned camps which are mostly during the vacations, Pugmarks organizes Childrens Camp Near Mumbai, Childrens Camp Near Nagar Nasik and Scuba Diving in India. Pugmarks also organizes camps for schools ,colleges, corporates and any group of like-minded persons who wish to have a great outdoors experience. Nature trails flamingo watching events near Mumbai and Pune . The choices of Pune Holiday packages and Camping Near Mumbai are also available.

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